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Welcome to pureness, my new collective. Here is where I keep the links to the many fanlistings I happily joined, along with the ones I built and manage myself. I'm a big fan of manga and anime, so most of my fanlistings are dedicated to them.

What is a fanlisting? A fanlisting is a website made by a fan, for other fans. It lets everyone unite as a fan of a specific topic and they can register as members to be listed. These fanlistings are all approved by either animefanlistings.org, thefanlistings.org, or a combination of the two.


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The Dreamy Bride and le Petite Chef

Posted Jun 10, 2008. Filed under . 2362 comments.

I just loved 20 Mensou ni Onegai (AKA Man of Many Faces) by CLAMP, so it was obvious that I would have dedicated not only one, but two fanlistings to the main characters, Akira Ijuyin and Utako Okawa! Yeah, I like their relationship, but I also love them as separated characters.
Akira is the mysterious Man of Many Faces, the uncatchable thief, and Utako is a rich girl, looking for love as every girl is. Akira is a young boy, simple, maybe a little naive, but good at everything he does (expecially cooking), and with an heart of gold. Utako, on the other hand, is spoiled, capricious, but very smart and with clear ideas for her future: becoming a lovely bride! Her character is beautiful because, opposed to many female characters, she's full of flaws, behaving in fact, as the mangaka remind, like a 5 years girl.
So, enjoy these two fanlistings, and please, subscribe!

Kimi ga kureta yuuki

Posted Jun 10, 2008. Filed under . 67 comments.

WA OKKUSEN...no, wait, this is not the right song.
Welcome to the fanlisting dedicated to IT'S, the opening song of the second season of Tsubasa Chronicles! I've been literally captured by Kinya's voice, and I even found out that a lot of songs I used to like are sung by him, so I REALLY needed to start this fanlist! This is my 4th fanlisting dedicated to a Tsubasa Chronicles song, so it's common knowledge that I adore the music from that series. I just couldn't miss this one!


Scarlet Sky

Posted Jun 10, 2008. Filed under . 6 comments.

Welcome to the Hishoku no Sora fanlisting, a site dedicated to the first opening of the Shakugan no Shana anime sung by Kawada Mami! I love the singer's voice since when I listended the song from the first time and I'm really happy to be able to manage this fanlisting. For those who never listened to the song, you can listen to it in the Song section via a small radio blog.

Never gonna give up!

Posted Jun 10, 2008. Filed under . 5 comments.

I've kept this fanlisting hidden for so long, I wanted to surprise my little sis by dedicating this fanlisting to her ^,^ I love the songs of the series, and Breakthrough is probably my favourite. I hope this will be the first one of many, many fanlistings I will dedicate to Eyeshield 21!

Thanks sis for telling me about this wonderful anime!

Inner Light

Posted Jun 6, 2008. Filed under . 59 comments.

Welcome in the fanlisting dedicated to Hajime no Ippo, a manga/anime placed in the world of boxe. I will never be thankful enough to Mitchii for giving me a chance at adopting this fanlisting. :)
The title of this fanlisting is inspired from the second opening of the anime, a song that I really love.


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