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Welcome to pureness, my new collective. Here is where I keep the links to the many fanlistings I happily joined, along with the ones I built and manage myself. I'm a big fan of manga and anime, so most of my fanlistings are dedicated to them.

What is a fanlisting? A fanlisting is a website made by a fan, for other fans. It lets everyone unite as a fan of a specific topic and they can register as members to be listed. These fanlistings are all approved by either animefanlistings.org, thefanlistings.org, or a combination of the two.


I have joined a total of 271 approved fanlisting with 40 pending. I currently own 65 fanlistings with 0 upcoming. There are currently 2103 members listed with 0 waiting to be listed, for a net growth rate of 0.52 members per day.
Pureness was Opened on 15th February 2007

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React! and Melody of heart

Posted Dec 27, 2008. Filed under . 5 comments.

As usual a little late, I'm here to advertise some of my latest fanlisting. I'm proud to present you the fanlist dedicated to Eremental Gerad and the one dedicated to Forever, opening song of the animated series. Even before watching the series I was in love with the song and that's what brought me to read the manga and to watch the anime, and I found myself really happy for discovering such an amazing series. The fanlist dedicated to the series it's a little dull, I went through some problems lately. I hope I can fix it as time goes. In the fanlist dedicated to the song sung by Savage Genius you can find a radio blog in the Song section and listen to this fantastic song as well :) have fun!

Faith in you

Posted Dec 13, 2008. Filed under . 3 comments.

Here I am with another adoption, before I had problems with my pc I had received a lot of adoptions and here's the latest, the fanlist dedicated to Mimiru and Tsukasa from the animated series .hack//SIGN. As a fan of this pairing I couldn't resist to apply and I'm happy I did, thanks a lot Manda!

Day of rebirth

Posted Dec 13, 2008. Filed under . 5 comments.

I present you this new adoption of which I am really prod, dedicated to Tsuda Mikiyo's manga, Kakumei no Hi (The Day of Revolution). I thank a lot Lia for this adoption and I'm taking advantage of this post to advertise this fanlist a little, since the manga is not one of the mangaka's most known, I myself found about it after reading Princess Princess. I contacted a bit late fans and affiliates, so don't be surprised if you receive an email about the fanlisting.

Wish upon a star

Posted Dec 13, 2008. Filed under . 61 comments.

As of this last period I had little time to put into fanlists for various things, starting from 3 weeks without internet, problems with my pc, ending with a travel abroad. For this I've had problems posting updates on my last approved. This fanlist is dedicated to The Starry Sky, ending song of the anime Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer (Angelic Layer).
I thank Misha for giving it to me but unluckily the member list was lost alongside with the affiliates list. So if you were affiliated please tell me, while if you were subscribed, join again!


Posted Dec 8, 2008. Filed under . 15 comments.

Welcome in the fanlist dedicated to the song Blaze Away. I had a lot of difficulties in finishing this fanlist but I managed to finish it and I'm happy about it. This song as you might have noticed is the one that gave its name to my domain and it has a very special meaning to me.

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