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Welcome to pureness, my new collective. Here is where I keep the links to the many fanlistings I happily joined, along with the ones I built and manage myself. I'm a big fan of manga and anime, so most of my fanlistings are dedicated to them.

What is a fanlisting? A fanlisting is a website made by a fan, for other fans. It lets everyone unite as a fan of a specific topic and they can register as members to be listed. These fanlistings are all approved by either animefanlistings.org, thefanlistings.org, or a combination of the two.


I have joined a total of 271 approved fanlisting with 40 pending. I currently own 65 fanlistings with 0 upcoming. There are currently 2103 members listed with 0 waiting to be listed, for a net growth rate of 0.52 members per day.
Pureness was Opened on 15th February 2007

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Posted Mar 29, 2009. Filed under . 3 comments.

My first fanlist about the Clannad series is dedicated to Nagisa Furukawa, female lead of the series ^_^ I'm really happy to have this fanlist! It took me a while to finish this layout because I wanted it to line up on the bottom right, I'm not sure if it shows fine on every browser so if you have any problems let me know!
Fans and affiliates are welcome!

True Smile

Posted Mar 22, 2009. Filed under . 927 comments.

And here's my latest adoption: the fanlist dedicated to Riku Harada from DNAngel. I thank a lot Hotaru for this adoption :) And I have to confess I'm really satisfied of this layout despite it gave me a lot of problems.
I hope you like it.
Affiliates and members were already told of the moving ^^ and as usual new ones are welcome!

Academy of Destiny

Posted Mar 22, 2009. Filed under . 13 comments.

Finally I can write something on this fanlist. After many misadventures I managed to finish it and experiment for the first time with the site skin. The fanlist is dedicated to Rosario+Vampire, an unluckily not very well known series, still deserving to be read. I created two versions, one named Be Friends with the whole group and the other entitled Crossing Blood that was supposed to be dark at first but ended up being pinkish. XD I hope you like at least one of them. As usual affiliates and fans are welcome :)

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