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For this collective my idea was to use a single word all along. My major font of inspiration are anime songs, and just like the Blaze Away site is named after a song, Pureness is the name of a song. Precisely, it's the name of the ending song to a series I love: Beet the Vandel Buster. I've taken a liking to naming my sites after songs and that's what I'll probably keep doing.

For the layout of this version I've used a picture of Yuzuyu Sakashita, the cute and young main character of the manga Aishiteruze, baby. Who could represent pureness more than a 5 years old girl?


Skyria is my online alias, I always use it on sites and boards. This name was inspired from the Greek wind Skyron, and it's the female version - hence it is pronounced 'skee-reea' instead of 'skyria' as you might think. The syllable-first is 'sky', deepening more its bound with wind.

fanlisting collective

A fanlisting collective is a site that gathers all the fanlistings a person owns and joins.